The Makagui

Makagui is an innovative and inspiring project. We are motivated to inspire people and develop their skills in the field of entrepreneurship, leadership and financial intelligence.

Makagui comes as a response to the gap of initiative to improve the quality of life and the promotion of the personal and professional success of young Mozambicans, but also of all those who aspire to achieve better results, are proactive and seek financial autonomy.

Makagui means brother, that person who has a special feeling for another, the brotherhood that feels and that is not necessarily “blood”. It represents affection, someone with whom we share more confidential matters without reticence, is a brother of heart. Makagui is an unconditional confidant.

Makagui is the confidant with whom he can share what limits him and that together, we will transform into his greatest strength. The true transformation of life begins here!

Makagui is inspired by the personal and professional career of Daniel David,as one of the greatest entrepreneurs in Africa and one of the most recognized entrepreneurs in Mozambique.



Be a generation reference success and construction of prosperous lives.



Contribute to the development and improving quality of life and promoting personal success and professional of the Makagui

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