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We understand leadershipwith a concept, which can be the art of motivating others in the search for a common good, such as the art of leading and motivating myself.

We believe in the leadership of knowledge and action,which is manifested by what we do and practice. The importance of learning to lead our lives before leading others. It is important to be a leader on your path.

For us to lead is not an exercise of power, but the ability to remove obstacles, to learn from mistakes, and grow in results For this reason, the Makagui use the phrase “Move Moutains! It makes a difference! Be a leader!

There are people apparently more gifted with leadership skills than others, but leadershipand learning go hand in hand. Leadership is based on knowledge over time. We believe we all have the capacity to be leaders, if we develop specific skills.

In Makagui, the leadershipworks with an area complementary to the others. We intend to develop skills related to the attributes of an effective leader, a vision and mobilization of teams to achieve results.


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