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Many people seek entrepreneurship in response to financial independence. However, the financial independence that everyone seeks is not related to dependence on working for others, but rather with the ability to generate wealth.

The ability to generate wealth is the ability to earn more money while knowing how to invest it.

In general, people are not available to invest their money or their wages, even some entrepreneurs are optimistic about the company’s growth, but they are not even able to have the security to invest, ultimately saving themselves for a turnaround in the economy, which may not happen.

The reality is that those who learn to generate wealth, end up managing to generate results even in a crisis, because they learned to navigate different economic scenarios, they learned early to make risky financial decisions, but with intelligence.

The vast majority of people do not know that the problem is not the lack of money, but knowing what to do with the one who has it.

Makagui will address rules and techniques that are essential to know how to manage money, but essentially to know how to generate wealth.


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