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Financial Intelligence

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The development of financial intelligence is one of the most relevant areas of activity for Makagui. The achievement of financial independence must be the primary objective of all individuals, since only through it can we free ourselves from the need to work for money.

Sometimes to develop financial skills, it is necessary to rethink the relationship with money. This connection with money, for social, cultural reasons or even originating from family beliefs, can be one of the biggest barriers to financial freedom. Money cannot be seen as taboo, it is necessary to see money and the discussion of money as something natural.

Some people may have this well-developed quality, but for those who do not, it is possible to develop it through what we call financial education.

The ability to manage or invest money intelligently is linked to the rational factor.vs emotional. When it comes to money it is necessary to use rational and non-emotional resources. That is why we use the phrase “Take care of your wealth”!

We know that financial independence is something individual, but our goal is to provide the necessary tools to carry out effective financial planning, investment analysis and set goals for your personal success.

Through our knowledge and experience, we will teach you how to achieve financial freedom, always using the best tools and methodologies.


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