We believe that entrepreneurshipis about materializing ideas, dreams and goals.

An entrepreneuris someone who actively seeks to create conditions of positive change for himself and for the society in which insered.The term entrepreneuroften appears associated with the capacity for innovation, to create something new and different, and this is the path that guides the Makagui.

We develop a spirit of initiative, the ability to look at things not for what they are, but for what they can become. We approach models, tools and practices that allow to reinforce the characteristics and entrepreneurial profile of individuals.

We believe anyone can be an entrepreneur, regardless of their knowledge or professional area.We believe that the capacity and characteristics of entrepreneurshipare transversal and can be acquired and expanded.

For us, entrepreneurshipis much more than being able to create their own business. That’s why we use the phrase “Make it Happen!”.

Everything is within our reach if we have the initiative, if we act.

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