Entrepreneuring is Transforming


Every human being is born with a purpose in life, with a motivation for an action that can impact his or her life and that of others. To aim for this purpose is to live with more meaning, with more enthusiasm and commitment.

All trajectories are unique, and each one has in itself and in its journey a desire to accomplish something as a passenger on earth.

This awareness of finite life, of being pilgrims and not eternal, triggers the desire to leave a mark, a memory for other generations. A legacy that is valued, a contribution to a different and better world. But to make a difference, to overcome the difficulties that cross the path, it is necessary to embrace the challenges and opportunities that arise, it is necessary to have consolidated the conviction that each of us is the pilot of his own plane, leader of his own destiny.

Entrepreneurship and Humility

When we talk about entrepreneurship, many people think it is starting a company, starting a business. This is not entrepreneurship. To undertake is to identify a problem, to generate a solution, to take action, with the objective of generating value within organizations and in the market.

And because the challenges are always present, the relentless search for knowledge is sine qua non, that is, essential.

We have to have the humility to always learn, because the world is constantly changing and requires us to adapt. To claim that enough knowledge or wisdom has already been acquired is a fallacy. Learning is an infinite process, it happens until the last breath ,. And yet, the frontier of full knowledge remains unreachable.

The last century is an example of this, representing drastic changes in economic and social behavior. Even today, there are those who were born in a time when there was no television, mobile phone, and other technologies that today flood the markets. For this reason, the process of constant learning, which requires us to have the humility to realize that we have to learn uninterruptedly until the day we leave this planet.

One of the biggest mistakes that an entrepreneur can make is the lack of humility, it is not accepting that as long as we are living beings we have to learn every day, to be students permanently. It is necessary to have humility and patience, because wisdom can only be achieved with time. With these and other tools, leadership becomes effective.

Young people cannot only seek to lead, they must first know their purpose in life, their inspiration, their motivation.

Thus, they can open the way, either for leadership, for entrepreneurship, or for any role they want to play in order to achieve their purpose.

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