As 8 Main Characteristics of an Entrepreneur

As 8 Main Characteristics of an Entrepreneur

When the theme is entrepreneurship, we find that there is still, especially in the youngest, little clarity in what is the concept of entrepreneur. Many young people confuse entrepreneurship with self-employment. Is it necessary to have your own business in order to be an entrepreneur? What are the competencies that differentiate those who are or are not entrepreneurs?

To better understand the context of entrepreneurship, we enumerate 8 main characteristics that an entrepreneur must have, within what is the vision of Makagui in entrepreneurship.

What does it mean to be an entrepreneur?

Most young people confuse entrepreneurship with self employment. We find that, sometimes, young people end up leaving the organizations where they are inserted, to open their own business, with the aim of achieving financial freedom and professional success. In fact, being an entrepreneur is much more than having your own business. The entrepreneur is one who is not satisfied with his reality or with the environment that surrounds him.

A very practical example that we can share, is the case of Steve Jobs, who within the organization where he was inserted managed to make an unprecedented contribution, idealizing the computer as an instrument for personal use, accessible to everyone and not just to large companies. The entrepreneur is usually one who sees beyond the obvious, who identifies problems and acts on behalf of the solution. One who has the ability to create something different, adding value, something that can impact society’s life, transforming it. This is the true essence of the entrepreneur.

What are the characteristics of the entrepreneur?

We know that people are not born ready, skills are acquired and worked. We share the 8 characteristics that the entrepreneur must have.


The entrepreneur must have the ability to see beyond the obvious. To be able to identify an idea and realize that after the implementation of that idea, the world may be completely different from the current one. For this reason, many entrepreneurs are called visionaries, because they believe in something that is not common sense and that is not yet visible to most.


The entrepreneur must know how to plan. After having the vision, the idea has to be materialized and for that it is necessary to define the steps to follow. It is important for the entrepreneur to have a plan with goals, and specificity of what should happen. The plan serves as a guide for your action.


Courage is the ability to act beyond fear. In some situations, it is necessary for the entrepreneur to have the courage to face isolation, as a consequence of sharing his disruptive ideas. Courage also involves taking risks and holding on to your vision, against all adversities.


An entrepreneur must have discipline and not rely on motivation, because motivation is a momentary thing. What creates consistency is discipline.


The entrepreneur needs to be committed to what he wants to achieve. Avoid distractions in order to be able to pay attention to your vision. The focus also helps the entrepreneur to achieve the discipline covered in the previous point.


The entrepreneur who does not seek to learn constantly will not have the necessary skills to implement his projects. Learning has to be the DNA of any entrepreneur.


An entrepreneur must have the ability to overcome himself, exceeding all his limits. You must have the ability to resist, even in the most controversial moments.


Plans are important, but they cannot distract you from quick execution, the ability to act and execute. When we act fast, we make mistakes even faster, which also allows us to quickly change our strategy.

Of all the features we talked about, which ones have you already identified and what are you still needing to develop?



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