10 Tips to Start Entrepreneurship Today


The questions are many for those looking for new horizons and business opportunities.

What does it mean to be an entrepreneur? Where to start entrepreneurship? Although we don’t have the magic formula for success, we believe that there are some steps that can help you along the way. We leave 10 tips for you to start your business today.

# 1 Focus

The focus is fundamental, not only to start a business, but throughout the process and path of the business and entrepreneurship. When we are sure and clear about the objective we intend to achieve, we should not be distracted by the environment.

# 2 Adversity

Throughout our life, whether personal or professional, we will encounter different obstacles and adversities. These constraints are part of the process and the path of any entrepreneur, they are passengers, they are not definitive. The entrepreneur, or anyone who wants to undertake, has to know how to face and overcome difficulties, integrate them in his career, so that he can learn and evolve.

# 3 Involvement

One of the biggest mistakes of those looking to undertake, is to think that when opening their own business, they do not need to have the same level of commitment or involvement that they had when working in someone else’s organization. That is, to think that from the moment you work on your own, you do not need to work every day, or always come in the morning and leave after working hours, this is not true.

Ignorance leads many entrepreneurs to face entrepreneurship, only as the path to financial freedom. It is possible that when undertaking, you may have more time and greater liquidity, but until you reach that level, it is necessary to invest your time, without any guarantee. Many entrepreneurs, especially when starting their businesses, spend hours working without any guarantee of reward. They give up hours with family or friends to be present in the business.

The entrepreneur must be aware that in order to have a successful business, commitment and involvement is necessary.

Being an entrepreneur requires time and dedication, in reality, the involvement with the business never ends. Entrepreneurship cannot be seen only as something that frees us from commitment and responsibility, because in reality, it will never happen.

# 4 Discipline

Discipline is essential to achieve goals. If your goal is to undertake, then having discipline will help you to comply with the plans you have set.

On the other hand, we must not confuse discipline with motivation. Motivation may fail at times, depending on whether its origin is based on internal or external factors, but discipline represents the consistency of actions. Discipline is one of the characteristics that the entrepreneur must develop if he wants to start entrepreneurship.

# 5 Perfectionism

To undertake it is necessary to know when to sacrifice perfectionism. Plans are important, but you should not waste time just planning, making business plans, which can be changed at any time. The entrepreneur is differentiated by action.

# 6 Learning to sell

The sale is a determining factor for the success of any business. The entrepreneur has to know how to sell. We cannot and should not have complexities about the sale process. In addition to the complexes, most people believe in myths about selling, even believing that selling is not for everyone, but in reality we all sell something and yes, it is possible to learn how to sell.

# 7 Entrepreneurship is a state of mind

Entrepreneurship is our way of being and acting. Is it common to find employees in companies with an entrepreneurial spirit? Of course, there are entrepreneurs who do not own the business. Entrepreneurship is more than having your own business, it is delivering more than is expected.

# 8 Avoid victimization

Victimization is the process or action of being a victim of something that is external or practiced by a third party. Sometimes victimization prevents us from recognizing our role and our responsibilities, since we attribute all errors to external factors. To undertake it is necessary to accept the challenges and take responsibility for what goes well, but also for what went wrong.

# 9 Knowing the market

Knowing the market means having knowledge about the business and the dynamics in which it operates. By knowing the dynamics of the market you will be able to understand if you have the necessary skills and make informed decisions before starting.

# 10 Being agile

Many entrepreneurs find it difficult to overcome mistakes. Identifying errors and taking agility in decision making is very important to undertake. Adaptability will also define the ability to achieve success. People who adapt quickly act differently and faster in the face of mistakes.



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